Beatles Permission

from by Victor St. Baloo



Sharp as a tick tack. Ricky Ticky Tavy playing, in the background and in the foreground. Around and around. I heard it once sung, "the night is old, I'm feelin' young".
And In a moments notice I quoted Georgie Carlin again, while grinning a grin to a friend of a friend, I said with a with a wink, "I think therefore I am,.. I think". And I thiink...and I think...and I think.

*Writin' your life, with reason and rhymes. Askin' The Beatles for permission. The crocuses bloom. My focus it zooms. On the rewards of my ambitions. ..Though my jokes a loves real.*

Wheel of Fortune spun, tryin' to make a pun out of Russian roulette. But I couldn't guess. My grandmother sat, and stared at the set. And I should have bet, on the Viet Nam vet, who's ahead of the rest. But next thing I know, I'm 20 years old. Then 25, 35...woah. Where's time go? Where's time go? oh, where's time go?

*Writing my life, with reason and rhymes, asking Ray Davies for permission. The crocuses bloom, my focus it zooms. Running on a sentence of my decisions. Though my jokes a shield, my loves real.*


from Odes, released June 23, 2015
victor st. baloo - nylon guitar, vocals, lyrics, bass, one symbol smash.
marshall trotter - fun machine and yamaha electric piano. drum kit



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Victor St. Baloo Atlanta, Georgia

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