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recorded over the course of mid 2014 to mid 2015 on 8 track digi tascam and one reel to reel tape player. completely reliant on favors and friendships and rich melodic hearts


released June 23, 2015

Victor St. Baloo - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, whistling, bell chime, single symbol splash, shaker, lyrics and vocals
Marshall Trotter - acoustic piano, electric piano, organ (fun machine), vocals, Percussion (drum kit), production
Shanmon Kokopelli - psychedelic bass guitar, vocals, spirit
Andreyev Andrew - additional pretty boy vocals on tracks 3 and 4
Adron - heavenly goddess vocals on the chorus of "Jog My Memory" as well as a decade of musical inspiration and friendship.
Grant Mills - Trumpet. I met you at a party, you came the next day and I taught you the part. You nailed it in 10 minutes. I bow to you.

All songs and lyrics written and composed by Victor St. Baloo
Arrangements by Victor St. Baloo and Marshall Trotter

Produced and Mixed by Marshall Trotter, Victor St. Baloo.

Additional mixing and all percussion recorded by Nathaniel Kiser in Sleeping Partner studios.

Track 4 "The Last Great Love of My Life", recorded by Michael Jordan in his bedroom in Reynolds Town on a reel to reel tape machine.



all rights reserved


Victor St. Baloo Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Special Groovy
Special Groovy, I'm gettin' old now, but I'm moving, on and on, to another, catchy song.
And when the rain dies down, dies down. Then I can, lie down, lie down, with you for a while...or at least until we're, falling in love.

ooooo, ooh ooh ooo, woohoo, wohoo oo oo

Special and Groovy, and when the credits roll on our movie I'll take a bow, and think about every second and how.
And when the rain dies down, dies down. then i will, lie down, lie down, with you for a while, or at least until we're falling out of love.
Track Name: Opposite is Also True
I'm an idiot, I'm a genius, I'm an asshole I'm a saint..if the opposite is also true.
When it's wonderful and its horrible and its terrible and its great..then the opposite is also true.
But if the opposite is also, when the opposite is also then the opposite is also true.

Ladies and Gentleman, the votes are in. Your chance to begin again...is in.
And be it as it may, it may be yay it may be nay but who's to say?

There's a gilded contradiction, to the humor in my diction, thanks for putting up with me today. And it's a clever social stigma, "soul surviving on charisma". earns the 15 minutes of your (my) fame. But if my poetry is pointless, if my poetry is pointless, whats the point of tryin' to make a name?

Ladies and Gentleman, the votes are in! Your chance to begin again and again and again, arre in.
And be it as it may, it may be yay, it may be nay but who's to say ....if the opposite is also true?
Track Name: Jog My Memory
I am wondering around. I am wondering out loud. "Could it ever be as good as this again? if not i'll just pretend, and kiss the wrist of the moment".
I am searching for the words. I am searching for the.......
...umm......WORDS. words...words......words........words..........words.

Jog My Mem Or Y

Does this, ring a bell? Does this ring ah............. BELL? Bell. Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Belllllll
Track Name: The Last Great Love of My Life
Making due with what you do. Making due with what you don't do...don't you? Seeing everyone at once. Knowing no one at all though. Although...
I guess I'll never go to neverland. Heck, it isn't even really land though. Land Ho!

So I sing into the wondering eye, of the last great love of my life. I said "I'm sorry if I ever made you wait in line".
So I sing into the wondering eye.....such sadness behind those eyes. Of the last great love of my life.

Who is over there now. While I am over here now. And she will disappear now. So I overhear now. And she will shed a tear now. ...only when the coast is clear, now.

(same chorus just add "and i will drink a beer now, and everything is queer now).
Track Name: Beatles Permission
Sharp as a tick tack. Ricky Ticky Tavy playing, in the background and in the foreground. Around and around. I heard it once sung, "the night is old, I'm feelin' young".
And In a moments notice I quoted Georgie Carlin again, while grinning a grin to a friend of a friend, I said with a with a wink, "I think therefore I am,.. I think". And I thiink...and I think...and I think.

*Writin' your life, with reason and rhymes. Askin' The Beatles for permission. The crocuses bloom. My focus it zooms. On the rewards of my ambitions. ..Though my jokes a shield...my loves real.*

Wheel of Fortune spun, tryin' to make a pun out of Russian roulette. But I couldn't guess. My grandmother sat, and stared at the set. And I should have bet, on the Viet Nam vet, who's ahead of the rest. But next thing I know, I'm 20 years old. Then 25, 35...woah. Where's time go? Where's time go? oh, where's time go?

*Writing my life, with reason and rhymes, asking Ray Davies for permission. The crocuses bloom, my focus it zooms. Running on a sentence of my decisions. Though my jokes a shield, my loves real.*